Whole House Remodel

kitchen2_large“We chose Gallagher Remodeling for a complete whole-house remodel of our antique home. This involved completely gutting the interior, and installing all new everything including a new kitchen, 3-1/2 baths, windows, heating and air conditioning, and excavating and finishing what was a dirt floor basement.

We chose Roger Gallagher because we thought he was knowledgeable and would be easy to work with. We also realized a significant savings and felt we had a more accurate idea of costs working with a design-build contractor rather than hiring an architect and contractor separately.

Two of our primary goals were making our home as energy efficient as possible, through the use of “green” products and appliances, and for our home to by easy to maintain. We really appreciated Roger Gallagher’s craftsmanship, honesty, and ability to work within budget to make this dream home possible. ”

Ellen H., Cambridge MA.

Master Bedroom Addition

“We used Gallagher Remodeling to design and build an addition to our master bedroom providing us with a master bath and sitting area.  As part of this project, he also updated our heating system.
Working with Roger was a very positive experience. He is extremely knowledgeable, honest, and a good communicator. What you are getting is a really quality project. We are very pleased with the results.”

Nancy D., Belmont, MA

Bathroom Addition

Gallagher Remodeling Bathroom Addition, Belmont, MA“We have used Gallagher Remodeling on several projects including repairs to the foundation of an enclosed porch, renovation of attic space to create a playroom and storage area, and the recent addition of our master bathroom. We have kept coming back to Gallagher Remodeling because of Roger’s eye for design, attention to detail, and the quality of the work performed by his staff.

Our projects were well managed without surprises and unexpected costs. Roger walked us through the many decisions that needed to be made to achieve both the look and functionality we wanted. Both he and his staff kept us informed through the entire process and took care to minimize disruption to our family during construction.”

Patty D., Belmont, M

Major Renovation including Attic Remodel

Master Bathroom Remodel

Photo by Michael J. Lee Photography

“We hired Roger Gallagher for an extensive renovation of our 1920’s colonial home. The project included converting an attic into two bedrooms and a bathroom, refurbishing the master bedroom to include a large bath and walk-in closets, moving a staircase, replaced windows, installing central air conditioning, adding a new front entry, and more.

Attic Bedroom

Photo by Michael J. Lee Photography

We chose Gallagher Remodeling because we wanted one contractor who could handle everything from design through construction and interior decorating.  From the first meeting we knew we could trust Roger Gallagher. He was very thoughtful, a good communicator, and a good listener.  From the get-go he understood what we were looking for and everything turned out the way we envisioned it.

During the design process, some very innovative software was used. We were able to preview realistic looking computer images of what the proposed designs would look like and were able to make suggestions and see alternatives presented while we watched.

Throughout the construction process, we were always kept well informed. Roger and his crew were very conscientious about minimizing disruption to our family by closing off work areas and always kept the safety of our three children in mind.

The process went about as smoothly as it could go. Looking back, it was pretty seamless; a best case scenario. I have recommended his services to several friends.”

Christina P., Belmont, MA

 Kitchen Renovation and More

Kitchen Rermodel

Photo by Michael J. Lee Photography

“We chose Gallagher Remodeling to renovate our family room, a bathroom, and our kitchen. One of the really nice things about working with Gallagher Remodeling is that there were no big surprises, especially with budget.

Kitchen Remodel

Photo by Michael J. Lee Photography

We had a bad experience with a prior contractor who quoted a price for a project that ended up costing much more. So, an important criteria for us was finding someone we knew we could trust. Roger Gallagher did a good job of understanding our preferences.

Our kitchen, in particular, was somewhat of a challenge because of its shape and size. The 3D computer rendering of the kitchen design allowed us to virtually walk through the kitchen, see what it would look like, and make changes to suit our tastes. Roger did an excellent job of maximizing space and making the  kitchen a pleasure to work in.”

Hillary D., Belmont MA

Kitchen Addition

Completed kitchen

Completed kitchen

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design

“The Gallagher team worked very well on our project last year.  Westarted out with the design phase, which included software which was very helpful in seeing in 3D what the finished house would look like.

The designer helped us to narrow in on our objectives for the final house design.The construction crew were professional, courteous, and provided top quality construction.  We enjoyed working with the lead carpenters and the supervisor.

Everything was very organized, from when to purchase certain items to what to expect in terms of disruption. The general quality of service provided was superior and we would recommend them to anyone thinking about remodeling their home.”

Whole House Remodel

JPStairs-editedweis_entranceway“Over the last seven years, I’ve completed two major renovation projects and two general maintenance projects with Gallagher Remodeling.  In sum, we’ve renovated my small 1877 house: a kitchen, two bathrooms, moved a stairwell, and gutted every floor.

You are safe to conclude I’m very satisfied.  Fine craftsmanship, management, honesty and expertise are why I return.  I care about detail and aesthetics as well as integrity and partnership and have  found those qualities with everyone at Gallagher.”

Kitchen Addition

slap_kitchen2_large“Roger and his team took the time to listen carefully to what we wanted to accomplish. They worked with us to develop a design that worked just right – without pressure. The construction phase was extraordinarily smooth.

We were very impressed with the team’s skill, craftsmanship and attention to every detail. The project was delivered on time and on budget. It is everything we hoped for.”

Attic Playspace

Our clients’ toddler’s first word when he saw the finished product was ‘WOW’. To this day, the attic is called ‘WOW’. When he wants to go up there and play, he stands at the bottom of the stairs on the first floor, looks up and says ‘WOW’. I can’t think of a better compliment for Gallagher Remodeling. The space looks great. ”

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